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The JavaScript to CoffeeScript compiler

Js2coffee helps you migrate projects to CoffeeScript


Js2coffee helps you migrate projects to CoffeeScript by compiling your JavaScript code into CoffeeScript.

Js2coffee is a project of Rico Sta Cruz. The source code is available over at GitHub.

Local usage

Js2coffee is also available as a NodeJS module.

$ npm install js2coffee
$ js2coffee file.js > file.coffee

Reporting issues

Please report any issues you find over to the Js2coffee issue tracker. Read the contribution guide before reporting issues.


You can switch between
JS → CoffeeScript and CoffeeScript → JS
Just focus the editor and start typing.


Js2coffee indent
Show Original Line Numbers (js2coffee)
Highlight Tokens
Show Invisibles
Show Gutter



When using the browser console, ensure to use the editor.html frame.